Can I re-import photos when the computer says no new photos were found?

On occasion you will get a dialog that says “0 new photos and videos were found” when you try to import pictures from your camera.Import-01 This happens if you already have imported those photos, even though you might have deleted or moved the pictures on the computer.

Can you re-import the photos? You can, provided that you did not erase them on the camera. We are assuming here that you have set up your computer to use Windows Live Gallery to import photos from your camera. Just click the Next button (see illustration). In the next window you will see the photos on your camera arranged by date. It will say “0 items selected in 0 groups”. Note that the check box in front of the groups is not checked.


Click on the group check box that you wish to import again. There is also a “Select all” option. Make sure you have selected just the ones you wish to import once more. Click Import and the process starts.

Import-04While the photos are being imported you will see the progress in a dialog like the one shown here. Note the check box with the legend “Erase after importing”. This means “erase from the camera after the photos have been imported to the computer”. I always leave that unchecked, which is also the default. This way the photos stay on the camera.

So what happens if you already have the photos on your computer? A new set will be imported, if the file name already exists, the import process will add a number in parenthesis at the end of the file name for the new file. You will wind up with duplicated photos. No harm will be done to photos that are already on your computer. Of course you can delete the duplicates.


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4 thoughts on “Can I re-import photos when the computer says no new photos were found?

  1. I have been working on this for 1 couple of hours, trying to import Photos with no luck, everytime I plug phone in 1 box pops up says now new pictures on Device, move out of the way there is other box shows LGX Power look for pictures with the green moving but finding nothing. Any help out there.

      • How does Windows remember which files have been imported from a device?

        My situation: I have a phone with 1600+ pix/vids on it. I was all caught up on imports (the Import window says no new files). Then I had to re-image the computer. Now the Import wizard wants to import all of them again (but I don’t need to because I had them backed up). So let’s say I import them all again to get caught up once more. What file/data can I then back up from the computer that remembers which files have been imported, such that if I had to rebuild the image yet again I could restore this information and the system would think it is still caught up on imports?

  2. Delete this file:
    C:\Users->[username]->AppData->Local->Microsoft->Photo Acquisition->PreviouslyAcquired.db

    Thats it. Your PC will now re-import everything.

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