Hello, my name is Ludwig Keck – I am a photo enthusiast, avid computer user, and love sharing what I know. My working career was as an engineer in electronics, programming, photographic products, toys, instruments and defense products. Mostly I worked where electronics, programming and photography came together. I started taking pictures some sixty years ago and wrote my first computer program in 1956.

I am an engineer, not an artist, but at times like to pretend to be one. My photography is strictly for personal enjoyment, although I like to shoot images that I can use as teaching material – good and bad.

Now retired, I enjoy teaching seniors to use their computers and cameras to the fullest. To this end I have written several books. Some of them are available publicly at many sites including Amazon.

I keep several blogs, all for sharing tips, ideas, images, and a website with personal galleries.

The gateway to most of my places is: Café Ludwig

Please note: I do not accept guest posts and I do not place advertising in this blog.

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