Where are the thumbnails stored for a post with a SkyDrive album?

Windows Live Writer has an insert option for adding a SkyDrive album to a post. When Add online album is selected, an “Insert Photo Album” dialog opens. It may ask for a sign in before showing all the albums on your SkyDrive. Click an album icon and thenimage click Insert to get the process started. Live Writer downloads the pictures from the album in order to create the graphics. An example of a SkyDrive album is shown at the end of this post.

Live Writer creates a folder for the downloaded images and newly created thumbnails on your boot drive under Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Temp\WindowsLiveWriter-xxxx. imageThe album will be shown by a collection of thumbnails, the album title, and a couple of hyperlinks. A new “Photo Album Tools” Ribbon tab is available whenever the album art is selected. The most useful and interesting tools are in the Album styles section of the tab: A half dozen layout styles are shown. The first, default, layout, shows the thumbnails the same way as pictures are shown in a photo email. Two other layouts show the pictures in a flat imagearrangement, the remaining three show randomly oriented little pictures. The thumbnails can be rearranged with the “Shuffle photos” tool. Just click on this command and observe the new arrangement. Continue until you are happy with the presentation. When the post is published to your blog, the created display pictures are uploaded to the blog image store. imageIn this case, this being a WordPress.com blog, the images wind up online in the blog’s Media Library. If one of the random display options is selected this will be one image of the entire arrangement. For the other three layouts, Squares, Grid right, and Grid left, the individual thumbnails are uploaded to the blog media library.

As you would expect, Windows Live Writer does a fine job of cleaning up after itself. In the case of this post, the temporary store contained over 3 GB of material. Once the post has been published this folder is emptied and removed.

Now, aren’t you glad you asked? This allowed me to tell you a little about how Windows Live Writer offers another really nice feature and does a great job of managing it.

Here at last is the demo album. Enjoy!




4 thoughts on “Where are the thumbnails stored for a post with a SkyDrive album?

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    • Thank you for asking! You’d think this is a simple “yes or no” question. The short answer is “Do not delete the library files”. Your post consists of just some HTML code, one of the statements is a link to the photos. So the photos need to be stored at that site for the link to work successfully. If, however, you made some image manipulations in Live Writer, that program will create a new image and upload it to your blog media library and link to that. In that case, the original image might not be needed. I will try to explain this much better in a new post – thank you for starting this topic.

      • Hi Ludwig,
        I got it. I tried it too, i uploaded images from “insert picture” and images from picasa links, and images with links well, any combination icould try, and then i deleted them. it was there the same day still, but next day all the pictures were gone. so i guess it was a time lag. so i’ll leave thos pics on media lib.

        thanks so much for replying!!

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