How do I install a display language?

Windows 7 can display characters and other features of a wide range of languages. Support for several languages may be installed on your computer. To add another language, proceed as follows:image

Click START > Control Panel >
Clock, Language, and Region

imageOn Region and Language click Install or uninstall display languages

In the next dialog click Install display languages.

The next window asks you to chose the method of installation. image

Click Launch Windows Update. Note the line about optional updates. In the illustration here it says “35 optional updates are available”. It may be different on your computer. Click that phrase. You will be offered a choice of Language Packs.


You can chose more than one Language Pack. Click to select. The click OK.image

The next choice is to install:

Click Install updates.

The download and installation process may take a long time.

When the process finishes your Language Pack or Packs are installed.

You may wish to configure your keyboard or the On-Screen Keyboard. For instruction on that, see: How do I change the On-Screen Keyboard from one language to another?




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