With the SkyDrive app do I have access to my files when off-line?

With the SkyDrive app installed on your computer you have access to everything that is in SkyDrive even when you are not connected to the Internet. imageYou can add or remove files and folders.

Without being connected to the Internet, of course, any changes in the SkyDrive folder cannot be synchronized. When you do establish an Internet connection, the online imageSkyDrive will be automatically updated with the local SkyDrive folder.

The desktop SkyDrive shortcut opens your local folder. You can manage the folders and files just like any other folder. This is the easiest way to add folders and their contents to SkyDrive complete with any sub-folders.image

If you drag a file or folder to the SkyDrive desktop icon it will be placed into the SkyDrive root, just as you would expect.

imageIf you do not have the SkyDrive app, sign in to your Microsoft account, click  SkyDrive in the top menu bar. In the navigation pane on the left click “Get SkyDrive apps” at the bottom of the listings. Step through the download and installation process.

SkyDrive access works best when you stay connected. Next time you sign in, check “Keep me signed in”.


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2 thoughts on “With the SkyDrive app do I have access to my files when off-line?

  1. It’s a bit wrong.
    You have an offline access to your skydrive files. BRAVO!!!
    But you haven’t an offline access to the shared files. It is a “no go” for cooperative working inside a team.

    I hope MS will correct this limitation ASAP

    • Thank you JC for your comment. Yes, I was more than a bit wrong when I stated that you have access to everything in your SkyDrive. For access to the shared files you need to be online when using SkyDrive for sharing. Microsoft has been making a lot of changes lately in how shared files are being shown, or not shown, in SkyDrive. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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